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Certified Infrared Professional

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Responsive Thermal Imaging Solutions

Certified Infrared Thermographer  

 Infraspection Institute is the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Founded in 1980, Infraspection Institute has trained and certified nearly 10,000 thermographers worldwide. We offer our clients with the best level of training and experience in the area. Phil Henderson has performed over 1600 infrared / thermal imaging inspections. 

Building Diagnostics and Forensic Investigations involves extensive training , equipment and experience. Just buying an infrared camera and getting a few days of training does not qualify someone to do this type of work. A thorough understanding of building science, construction, materials, codes, environmental conditions, failure rates, insulating materials, moisture intrusion, vapor diffusion, and general building science is required to accurately diagnose difficult building conditions. The professionals at Tennessee Building Inspections have extensive training in all these areas and a track record of over twenty years experience using these skills. Our team invisioned an inspection process that utilized technology to reduce costs, improved communication, and getting relevant information to home buyers sooner. 

The Thermal Imaging Service contains (3) primary phases : 

  1.  Visual Inspection -  Inspection of all relevant components. 

  2.  Pre-Scan conditions planning-  Check listing the home for ideal thermal conditions.

  3.  Virtual Thermal Imaging Scan - Executing and analysis with the thermal imaging camera.

The process contains the following steps:

Step 1 – The Visual Inspection

  • Inspecting the property for visual issues related to moisture intrusion. 

  • Inspecting the property for types and amounts of insulation.

  • Checking mechanical equipment (HVAC, water heaters, etc.) for operation.


Step 2 – Conditions Planning

  • Establishing closed building conditions. 

  • Shutting down HVAC and ventilation systems.


Step 3 -  Thermal Analysis

Once the visual inspection and planning phases are completed, our Certified Infrared Thermographer begins an analysis: 

  • Equipment calibration and scanning procedures of the structure and mechanical system. 

  • Thermal image documentation and reporting.

  • Client consultations

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