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Certified Master Inspector

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Accredited by the Certified Master Inspection Board

Certified Master Inspector (CMI)

Certified Master Inspectors (CMIs)® are the best inspectors in the world. CMI is a professional designation available to inspectors meeting the qualifications of the Master Inspector Certification Board. All CMIs are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

Every Certified Master Inspector® must:

  1. have completed 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of education (combined);

  2. have been in the inspection business for at least three years;

  3. agree to abide by the inspection industry’s toughest Code of Ethics;

  4. agree to periodic criminal background checks; and

  5. submit the application and the one-time fee (no annual dues, ever)


Our company founder and operations director Phillip Henderson was one of the first inspectors in the country to qualify for the Certified Master Inspector (CMI) designation with over 21,000 inspections and 31 years experience.


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