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Remote Inspection Management Solutions

Industry 4.0_ Modern Professional Architect Wearing Virtual Reality Headset Uses Gestures

Commercial - Industrial - Residential (Pre-Purchase / Maintenance / Diagnostics)

Our team designed a simple inspection process that utilized technology to reduce costs, improve communication in a highly secure and reliable remote network.  Our certified Virtual Assessment Professionals can direct our clients through the inspection remotely for faster insight at a reduced cost.  

Our Remote Inspection Program was designed for fast, efficient and non destructive solutions

  1.  On Site Inspection:  Inspector is onsite and the client participates in a live virtual consultation. 

  2.  Off Site Inspection: Inspector is offsite and directs the inspection remotely. 


  1.  Virtual Connection - Direct remote video consultation between inspector and client.

  2.  Assessment -  Inspection and observation of project components.

  3.  Consultation- Discussion of issues with client representatives who attend inspection.

  4.  Faster report delivery.

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